Fishing Report June 26-July 10

Date: July 15, 2019

We arrived at the Lodge Wednesday afternoon with the river in great shape, and overcast conditions forecasted for the foreseeable future. Water temps hovered around the 52 degree mark, and some big tides were on their way. Right off the bat fishermen were averaging a dozen hook ups a day with some guests going well into the double digits.  It appears the size of the our Kings were up as an average too.  Many 30+lb fish came to the fly that first week.  The occasional sockeye and mint bright Chum were by-catch as well.
Then the sun came.  With temps reaching the mid 80’s and no rain, the river dropped fairly fast and water temps spiked at 67 degrees.  Amazingly enough fish were still caught every day but the numbers went down significantly. So, adapt and overcome. The trout program quickly came online, and boats zipped up river in the afternoons chasing cooler temps in the tributaries, and the higher reaches of the watershed.  Grayling were still around in good numbers and with water temps in the mid 50’s everything was looking up.  Lots of mouse eats with slashes, explosions, and toilet flushes taking up most of the days.  There were even a few early Dolly Varden to hand, which made up the rest of the mixed bag.  All in all a great couple weeks with a variety of angling styles to keep guides, and clients alike on their feet.

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