All of our guides are licensed and guide full time, with summers spent at the Goodnews River Lodge, and the rest of the year on their home waters in places like the Keys, Oregon, Louisiana, the Rockies, and Michigan.

Have you ever booked a trip to a remote fishing destination only to get there and find that the guides are not up to par? Well, you won’t have that problem at the Goodnews River Lodge. We not only great fishermen/Guides, but also great guys who truly enjoy being around people. And we’re especially excited to say that in 2022 all of our guides have had prior experience on the Goodnews River. Most of them return every year to their favorite fishing hole, and each has his own favorite fish, methods, and sections of the River. That’s why we have you fish with a different guide every day. They’re all great, and you’ll love the time you spend on the water with each of them. Here is who you will be fishing with on a trip to the Goodnews River Lodge in 2022.


Alex Kumiski

This will be Alex’s tenth season on the Goodnews river and thirteenth season in Alaska. He has spent time guiding in southwest Florida and hopes to soon be running trips in Northern California for steelhead, trout, and striper as well. The son of a fishing guide, Alex spent much of his childhood fishing the waters of Florida’s Space Coast. Alex came to the Goodnews river first as service staff at the age of eighteen and quickly fell in love with it. After his first five year stint (three of them guiding), he spent the next few seasons in southeast Alaska fishing the Inside Passage out of Prince of Wales Island before realizing how much he missed the Goodnews River system and returned. While skilled at targeting all species on the river he especially enjoys running up river to the braids and smaller sections of stream to afford anglers the opportunity to sight-cast to dolly varden, arctic grayling, and rainbow trout.

Steven Cratty

Cratty, like the others who have become part of the core camp group, started as support staff. The perfect blend of no-nonsense assertiveness and pure banter, he won’t hold back in telling you what you’re doing wrong. But you will catch fish with him, and you will enjoy yourself while you do it, especially if you have a soft spot for Conway Twitty and Steely Dan. Frankly it’s hard to describe a day on the water with him without experiencing it yourself. He is one of the hardest working people we know and he knows this camp like the back of his hand; probably because he helped build a lot of it, and still maintains the essential pieces even after long days on the water. In the off season he lives in New Orleans, where he guides for Redfish in the Biloxi Marsh (in those same round/non-Smith sunglasses, and yes they’re polarized). This will be his tenth season with us in Goodnews.

Jan Stewart

If experience counts for anything, then Jan is worth his weight in gold. Growing up in Goodnews and running the river from an early age has made him incredibly knowledgeable, as well as a great steward for the watershed. Spending his previous years as the official River Ranger of Goodnews, he’s spent extensive time running the river from the mouth to the upper reaches, all the while fishing in between. Every guide has their hot spots, it’s just that Jan has a few more. In his years guiding for us he has become a guest favorite for his dry sense of humor, smooth driving, and his wealth of knowledge on Goodnews and the surrounding area. He’s also a great shot, knows this river like the back of his hand, and keeps an eye on the place while the rest of us enjoy our winters elsewhere.

Kyle Schmedake

Kyle is a natural fisherman having developed a love for water and adventure at a young age. He spent his youth swimming competitively, lifeguarding, scuba diving, and playing outside. While attending Indiana University he found that he’d rather spend all of his time fishing and playing rugby than attending lectures at the HYPER. Kyle’s a self taught fly caster that immediately connected with the hobby of fly fishing and turned it into a profession. He’s leveled up his talents over the years by guiding six years in Alaska, bouncing around several different rivers in the last frontier before finding his home at Goodnews River Lodge. He’s since completed advanced guide courses in Montana, obtained a Coast Guard Master Captain’s license, and began guiding in his home state for backyard bronzebacks. Kyle’s favorite fish is the smallmouth bass and the superficial explosion that occurs with a popping bug. You can find him quoting every line of Big Lebowski, training his Pudelpointer Nellie, or working as a do-it-all carpenter on custom homes.

Rob Ingle

If there’s one thing Rob always makes sure of while he’s out on the water, it’s that you’re having the best day ever. He’s a great time to fish with, will keep you laughing, and has spent the last four years with us up here. He spends his winters in Utah, skiing powder. This will be his fifth season at Goodnews.

Nick Halm

This will be Nick’s sophomore year at the Goodnews River Lodge. He grew up as a Navy brat which kept him close to the water. His love of fishing came from his grandfather, but he is a self taught fly angler and avid fly tyer. He has fished all over the United States while volunteering his help with river cleanups, fly tying events, and fly fishing education. He hails from northern Colorado where he was a trout guide before making the leap up to Alaska.

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