Sockeye (Red)

Pound for pound the Sockeye Salmon is Alaska’s heavyweight champion. The most streamlined of all Pacific Salmon, it also boasts a semi forked tail resembling a saltwater fish. Once hooked these attributes come front and center in the form of arial acrobatics, tail walking, and blistering runs into the backing. Our most popular beat to target these fish is only a few miles upriver from the salt, so each one is hot to trot, chrome bright, and typically covered in sea lice.

Here at Goodnews River Lodge we are always looking to the future, and different ways to protect these waters, with a main focus on maintaining a healthy and sustainable watershed. For those Guests wishing to take home Salmon, you can’t beat Sockeye. We limit the amount of fish each Guest can take home to 25lbs of fillets. We will fillet you catch into the portion size you wish, then vacuum seal it and freeze it in our commercial freezer. When you leave, we’ll pack them in airline approved wax boxes for the journey home.

With the run increasing dramatically over the last 3 years, the Sockeye fishing during July can only be described as “Lights Out.” Take a sunny afternoon off from chasing Kings, and come see what the Goodnews River Rodeo is all about.

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