Great Food in the Great Outdoors!

You won’t go hungry at the Goodnews River Lodge. Hot coffee, Orange Juice and Tea are available at 6:30 for the early riser.
Breakfast is served promptly at 7am, and includes scrambled eggs, pancakes or french toast, bacon, sausage, fresh baked muffins and bread, hash browns, quiches, hot and cold cereals, and fruits. Be sure to try our “Breakfast Dolly” with your eggs. It has been very popular the last few years, and once in the system they are readily available.

After you’ve finished your breakfast, stop by the Lunch Bar where you can make your sandwich or wrap for the day. Sodas are located in the same area. Cookies, brownies and a great mixed granola are also available to take for that mid morning snack. Your Guide will bring along coffee and hot water for tea, as well as drinking water. Hot soup is always available at the Lodge, especially nice on those cold, rainy Alaskan days when you want a break from the weather. If a shore lunch is something you are interested in, just let your guide know the night before and he will have everything set for the following day.

Dinner is served at 7:00pm, preceded by appetizers ranging from Salmon tempura to bacon wrapped cheese and Alaskan style sushi. Main courses include Salmon Wellington, Prime Rib, Blackened Halibut and Buffet style BBQ with all the fixin’s. And, of course, fresh fish is always on the menu. Delicious pastries, tarts, fruit sorbet and combinations of ice cream and brownies or chocolate chip cookies complete these excellent dinners.

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